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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Turkey Nightmares, Angels and Common Sense

Ever had one of those crazy dreams you just want to wake up from, but somehow you are trapped in?
I had one of those this morning, after an unusual breakfast of turkey.  I could say I wish I would have chosen oatmeal, but if I had not had that dream, I would not be writing this today.  And I have been very remiss at my writing.

So after my turkey, I snuggled up on the couch with my favorite pillow and drifted off to East Tucson.  Somehow I was at my friend Christina’s house, although I have never been there.  And somehow this friend had a beautiful new red mustang, but I couldn’t find my car.  So she loaned me hers, and I set off on an adventure. 

I took off happy as a lark driving, going down Golf Links, when I suddenly realized I was on the wrong side of the road straight into oncoming traffic.  There was nothing to do but throw it into reverse and attempt a very rapid back up, and pray I didn’t hit any other cars.  So in my dream, I was doing 60 mph in reverse, maneuvering like a pro and managed to swing around a corner into a side street straight out of the jaws of disaster.  I breathed hard, calmed myself and proceeded on my way, but I was now no longer in East Tucson.  I was in Atlanta, Georgia.  And I was lost.

I recently took a trip back to Georgia and this very thing had happened to me, which is why I suppose it was incorporated in my dream. Their freeways made me swear never to complain about Arizona’s, but it was when I was on the city street that I was really lost.  It was a maze of twists and turns, no street names and people who lived there who had no clue where they lived either. I was lost for 3 hours, and stopped to cry, since this had never happened to me before, when a homeless man came up to me and inquired very tenderly why I was crying.  I told him I was from Arizona and I was lost.  ‘Well you are a long way from home, girly.”  And then he gave me 1/3 of the directions to the airport.  He wasn’t sure about the rest of them.  I set off on the 1/3 and when I got to the destination, parked again, and cried.  Another homeless man came up to me and directed me to another place, near my destination, but when I got there, I couldn’t figure out how to get to what I could clearly see.  And then a taxi cab driver came up to me and asked why I was crying, so I told him.  He said ‘Follow me” and I gladly did, and finally reached my destination.  I tried giving him a tip, but he just asked if I was ok now, and drove off. Personally I think they were angels. 

Back to my dream though. Now I am in Atlanta and I am lost, but I find a street that is going the direction I need to go which is East, but it’s really West and South and every which way.  I stop, park the car, and go into a building to ask directions.  Here there was a man with wild crazy hair, who leads me into the office and very professionally welcomed me to the Mall.  He seemed quite confident and I was glad that finally someone had come to show me the way.   As I make my way into the waiting area I hear him scream that there is a black widow.  I ran to his rescue, with a strange large leather shoe in my hand that I had no clue where it came from.  When I look at this man, who was screaming like a sissy, I see him looking behind me at the wall.  I turn around and it is covered with hair and dirt and in between all that mess, one teeny tiny spider.  So I smash it, take the piles of hair I wiped off the wall and the dead spider and proceed out the door to the trash can.  In commencing my departure from this place, I realize that I have lost my keys, forgot where I parked Christina’s car, and can’t find my cell phone. 

So I wandered around this business plaza and found that it was really a bunch of shops called “The Browsers Mall.”  Everything was free, but in perusing the merchandise, nothing was worth owning.  So I decided to leave to take Christina’s car back to her.
I ran down the stairs only to find a homeless man (No, not the ones from REAL ATLANTA, one from TUCSON/ATLANTA of the nightmare realm), and he asks me for something, which I turn around to give him, but when I turn back, the Mustang is now an old Pontiac, all marred and scarred.  I ran around the corner to look for the Mustang.. and then I looked up and cried, “God please help me!” 

And I woke up.  In my home, on the couch, with my favorite pillow, sun shining and all right with my own little world.   

I realize that dreams are just dreams, perhaps the effect of what you are going through, or perhaps that last piece of turkey you ate.  But this one seemed so much like life in America right now.  We hope for prosperity, but expect it to come freely, without hard work, and then find ourselves going the wrong way in a place we never intended to go to.  We have put men in office who have allowed our laws to become dirty and overrun with lobbyists and people who do not have the good of the people in mind.  They show a brave face, act like they know what they are doing, but when it is time to fix the countries problems, they end up screaming like sissy’s, eating their free lunch so they can go home to this most confusing place we have allowed them to build.  I mean seriously, where is the country I knew and loved? 

In the meantime, we, the people, are shopping in the Browser’s Mall, hoping we will get stuff for free, but nothing is worth having, and when we return to the place where it all began, we find that it’s not there anymore.  We have sold our souls to the Devil to try obtain stuff that will not sustain us as a nation, or individually, and turned to TV to tell us what we really need.  And the worst part is we let a bunch of Grown Children take over our government and we act surprised that things are in such a mess.  IMHO, we have bludgeoned common sense to death with our repeated hammer of greed, slit it’s throat with the knife of stupidity, and then cried that America is dead.  Do not be fooled.  WE DID THIS.

Let me note here, that it only takes one big leather shoe, a little bit of grit and determination, and some common sense to rid the world of the spiders that eat our souls.  The leather shoe is the Bible, the grit and determination are our faith that God is and that He hears us, and if you don't know what common sense is.. Look IT UP.

In the end, I hope we will all end up screaming “God please help us!”, because He wants to, He is able, and He will if we just ask.

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